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Fast & Expert Flat Tire Change in Pleasant Hill, CA

Nick’s Towing is a premium licensed, local Pleasant Hill, CA towing company that is always there to help with any troubles you experience while you’re out there on the roads. We serve all brands of cars, motorcycles and trucks, so no matter what you drive, we can help you!

Our teams of professionally trained drivers work around the clock to guarantee fast, reliable service whenever you need it.

Nick’s Towing 24/7 Services

We provide a range of towing services as well as roadside assistance and auto locksmith services, all at competitive prices. Nick’s Towing believes in being up front when it comes to prices, so we are always happy to give our customers a price quote on the phone before dispatching the team.

We provide these services:

Flat Tire Change Service

We haven’t heard of many drivers who have never experienced the inconvenience of a flat tire. Have you? Of course, there are many different factors that cause flat tires, or punctured tires, and even the most careful driver can be caught out. Sharp objects like glass, nails, and other trash on the roads and in parking areas are the usual culprits when you find your tires cut or punctured, and unfortunately there is not a lot that you can do about it.

The good news is that Nick’s Towing will send an expert roadside technician to wherever you are located in the Pleasant Hill area to change your tire for you. That is, of course, if you have a spare tire in the car with you.

Changing a flat tire can be a difficult, not to mention, dirty job. Our technicians have the experience and the tools that can get the job done in a hurry, allowing you to stay clean! We want to get you to where you need to go as quickly as possible.

Once one of our technicians has changed your tire you need to get to a tire shop and have them repair the punctured tire and replace it on your car. You should not drive around on the spare tires for any longer than necessary, and not over a speed of 50 mph, because it is not safe and it can potentially cause damage to other car parts, including the transmission. Once your tire has been repaired and replaced, return your spare tire to its place so you can be sure it is there for the next time you need it.

Nick’s Towing takes your safety seriously, so here are a few tips on what to do to keep safe while you wait for our technician.

  • If possible, move your car to the side of the road. Turn your steering wheel away from the road and put your parking brake on.
  • Turn your hazard lights on so that other drivers can easily see you. Turn your interior lights on too – the more visible the vehicle is, the safer you are.
  • If you are parked in a spot that is safe from traffic, you can remain in the car, with the doors locked. If you are on a busy road or highway, it is best, if safely possible, to get out of the car and wait for help in a safe spot, not close to your car.
  • Plan ahead – always keep a cellphone, spare batteries, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a blanket, in your car for emergencies.

Contact Us

If you need an immediate tire change, just give us a call on (925) 709-3250 and tell us your exact location in the Pleasant Hill area.  We’ll send an expert there to change your tire and get you back on your way as quickly as possible.