Nick's Towing - 24/7 Service in Pleasant Hill

Emergency Roadside Assistance in Pleasant Hill, CA

Ever stop to think about what would happen if you ran out of gas while you were too far away to get to the next gas station? If you have, you might have pictured a scenario where you’re stranded on the roadside for hours and days, wasting away, waiting to get rescued….

That couldn’t be further from the truth – that is, if you find yourself stranded without gas in the Pleasant Hill area, then you’d be in luck. All it would take would be one phone call and Nick’s Towing would send someone to deliver gas to you and save the day, wherever you are in the area.

Why Call Nick’s Towing?

Nick’s Towing is a well-known local Pleasant Hill, CA towing company that is 100% committed to helping people with all their car problems, from remote gas delivery to towing large trucks. No job is ever too big or too small for Nick’s Towing.

We are a fully insured towing service provider that works through a network of vendors, who are all very highly trained and licensed. We have technicians on duty 24/7, and that means that whenever we get a call we can immediately dispatch someone to help you.

Nick’s Towing crew has experience working with all types and brands of vehicles, from motorcycles to heavy trucks and equipment. Staying abreast of what is going on in the towing industry is important to us, and it enables us to do our jobs optimally.

Services We Offer in Pleasant Hill, CA

Nick’s Towing offers a range of towing services for all sizes of vehicles:

We also offer a range of roadside assistance near me services and car lockout services.

What is Roadside Assistance?

We call the group of services that can be provided on-site, by our technicians – roadside assistance services.

These are services we provide right there where you are stuck on the roadside, instead of towing you in for repairs. Minor problems can seem like a major headache, but we have solutions and plenty of experience with implementing them on the Pleasant Hill roads.

Nick’s Towing provides these roadside assistance services 24/7, so you know that if you ever need our help, no matter when you need us, we will be ready and available to help you.

Why don’t you save our number on your phone right now, in case you need our assistance in the future?

Flat Tire Change

Changing a flat tire is not easy and it can be messy, not to mention that if you don’t have the best tools and much experience with changing tires, it could take a long time. That’s why Nick’s Towing offers flat tire change services for cars that are stuck with a flat tire in the Pleasant Hill area.

Our experienced technicians will arrive on the scene as quickly as possible after we receive your call. They will use new and modern equipment to change your tire and let you get on with your day.

Car Battery Jumpstart

Having a flat car battery can be a pain! You need to go somewhere but your car just won’t turn on. You don’t know what you have done, did you leave the lights on all night? Or is the battery just old?

We’ll send a technician to check if your car battery can be jumpstarted and if it can, they will help you with a jumpstart. If the battery is dead they can replace it for you.

Remote Gas Delivery and Refuel

You might be so busy or so stressed that you fail to notice that you’re almost out of gas, and then when you notice it’s too late. You’re out of range of the closest gas station. What do you do? You call Nick’s Towing for help and you’ll have gas delivered to your location, with refuel service in no time.